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Woodrow's Western Wisdom - "Looking Back"  is the first edition of a collection of poems that are a direct result of a lifestyle of humility and simplicity. For a young boy, the small cabin we called home in the Judith River Brakes and the chores and daily challenges of surviving, made me who I am. My Pa sought to build character in my older brother, Craig, and I as his ranch hands versed in the 3 R's – ridin', ropin', and respect. Leaving the ranch was tough, but with a living to be made, I worked ranch jobs, carpentry, driving truck routes, and later as a metal shop supervisor for a bronze foundry in Bozeman, MT for 20 plus years. While employed there, I met and became friends with many artists who helped to complete my education in the art field. One of those great friends who was an artist, philosopher, and poet posed for many of the pictures featured in this book. Brian, we miss you dearly. In this collection of poems, I have selected some words of wisdom that will guide you along the trail.

Woodrow's Western Wisdom - Edition 1 "Looking Back"

SKU: 364215376135191
Expected to ship by March 1, 2024
  • Montana cowboy poet, Lance "Woodrow" DuBois, colorfully depicts the legends, humor and drama of the Great American West as he recollects his past and allows his imagination to tell some tales in this collection of 36 poems.

    Hard Cover Book
    Print Length: 64 pages
    Language: English
    Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

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