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Handmade Knives

There is a lot of detail work that goes into each knife I create. I’ve been making knives for over 30 years.  My knives and hatchets are my own patterns, and are utilitarian, with bronze guards, although I don’t forge the blades. They are semi heat-treated and tempered.  I use elk, deer, and moose antlers for the handles.  Many are historical replications of Bowies and hatchets.  There is a lot of detail work that goes into each knife I create whether it be a Mountain Man or Trapper-style Bowies, Warrior and Scout Double-edged fighting knives, Caper or Hunting knives, Mountain Man Hatchets, my very popular Horse Shoe Knives, and my new creations like the Ulu or Tiney Knives. Each knife comes with a hand-stitched, custom-fit saddle leather sheaths that can be initialed upon request. I also do a lot of other leather work, including, purses, gun scabbards, and chaps. Send me a message if you're interested in placing a custom knife order!

Wood Sculptures & Bronzes

An article written in a local magazine about my Art, described me as “The Man of Many Hats”. This saying holds perfectly true to who I am.  My degree is in Fine Arts, painting and drawing, although I was metal shop supervisor for a foundry for over 20 years, welding and finishing bronzes for many well-known artists.  I don’t sculpt as many bronzes, anymore, as I am creating sculptures in old Montana juniper fenceposts, of Mountain Men and Native Americans. These wood sculptures are carved out of 100 year old Montana cedar fence posts. Each piece of wood tells me what it is going to be by the shape and characteristics of the wood. Here are a few images of my bronze and wood sculpture creations.


I dabble in a lot of different media, however, western and wildlife themes, along with portraiture are the focus in my painting and illustrating. You will find many of these illustrations in the first edition of my new cowboy poetry book "Woodrow's Western Wisdom - Lookin' Back" that will be available to order here.

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